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Grid -Tie Systems

www.pvpower.co.za - Grid Tie System

THE MOST POPULAR SOLAR ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. By connecting your Solar PV Power System to the grid, you can cut out the need for "Eskom" power in the day, but also switch back to your normal electricity at night. Much cheaper to install and with a much longer system lifespan, you essentially use the national electrical grid as a battery. Batteries are the most expensive and "non-green" componets of a modern day PV Electrical System, a battery also have a much sorter lifespan than the other components, which can last 25+ years.

Off- grid systems

www.pvpower.co.za - Off Grid System

Take a Grid-Tie system and add batteries to it! You now have an Off-Grid PV System. Solar Systems like these are very popular on game farms and rural areas where no municipal power is available, HOWEVER, it is now becoming increasingly popular in residential homes. With continuous blackouts, cable theft and load shedding, customers are turning to PV Solar Power systems for their electrical needs.

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why solar

Why solar (pv) power

Well actually its neither expensive nor complicated. To the uninformed and sometimes deliberately misled client like yourself, it might seem that way, but let me quickly try and simplify things.

1- Cost > It is quite a lot of money at once, but because of the modular nature of a system, you could start small and later add to it. Start with a base load (a system that covers just enough for your daytime continuous usage) system. These can cost no more than your average Solar Geyser installation.

2- Complicated > Although its a technologically advanced solution, PV Power has been around for decades. Once installed, solar pv panels will work for 25 years and inverters upwards of 15 years with minimal maintenance. It will sit there, on your roof, generating free power, and you will forget about it.